3d lowpoly for video games

I was asked for a job to make some models of objects using a specific ( and very low) number of polygons. Limit the number of polygons, is especially useful in applications in real time. In this case, it was to build objects for an online role playing game MORG . You have to say that the stylization , and take into account the number of polygons reflects my style quite natural in 3d ... Having approached this field many years ago, so I had to struggle with the limits of technology at the dawn of the computer graphics 3d .. Some models are created to be used in an online video game : the characteristic of this type of model , is that it must be used in the lowest possible number of polygons , should be removed all the faces that sit on the ground to facilitate the calculations in real time of the graphics engine . Clearly, more details will be added through the textures and the various mappings . The techniques of modeling and animation for video games marry very well with my style of art , and are extremely fast to render , even if they have a renderfarm limited. Some modelly made low poly game :