Blender - Opensource 3d animation tool


As their site states : Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License. This is the software I use the most to create my stuff. As the name suggest ,Blender is more than a 3d - animation tool, this software is by itself a quite good opensource multimedia station: it handles video compositing, 3d interaction ( is it possible to create videogames... it doesn't offer tools as in UNITY , but hey, is free and all the creation tools are integrated!!) , it haves a very sweet node based material editor and node based rendering (present some time ago only in high end tools like Maya). It offers very nice rendering systems: Internal , Yafaray (a raytracing engine) Unbiased rendering : Many are supported, but for what concerns me, I like the most "Luxrender" , and the relatevely new Cycles , integrated in blender, that can use CUDA from your Geforce card and make rendering blasing fast.. Another thing to mention , specially to people that think in the way "I don't care about owning original sofware, I'm just an hobbist / student, nobody is going to arrest me for having a 10000$ cracked software" : using blender, render farm price is usually very low, compared to 3ds Max - Maya - XSI : a render farm won't need to buy the license for thousands of blender installation... so they will make you pay basically for the electricity and internet connection... More to come!