Web video advertisement


respace - animazione pubblicitaria

Broadband Internet use is an increasing, video compression technologies are getting better , providing excellent visual quality , at very low bit rate.

Video on the web is a tool finally fully usable by a wide audience .

I am not referring here to  vector animations for the web, which suffer considerable stylistic constraints from the use of vectorial software such as adobe flash (that, well, can be also be used in very creative way, but this is another story .

I am referring to real video ,live or animated , perfectly integrated into the content of a web page .

Here is a work for RESPACE (Italian furniture manufacture company, sofas , etc. ) , for which I was allowed a certain freedom of style : the advertising product you are so fused with cutting-edge video art , the style that characterizes my work.

A brave choice , but it certainly allows communication to go out from the crowd.

Here are some movies which are accessible in their context , on the site www.respace.it